General Information

Here you will find all the bits of information you need to know about our festival. Whether you need to know how to get to the venue or if there is a cash machine on site, we should have it covered somewhere below. Some things are still being finalised and will be avalible soon, for now general information is available below.


will be issued on entrance to the festival site and camping areas. You will need to take your pre purchased ticket to the wristband point, and member of staff will give you your wristband. If you are planning to purchase your ticket on site, please go to the ticket office located near the wristband point, to get your tickets first.

Our staff will be working hard to ensure everybody is banded up and in the festival as quickly as they can.

Due to our licence, once you are past the wristband point you will not be able to leave the festival and re enter, so please ensure you have everything with you.

Live In Vehicles:

1 pass required per camper van or caravan. Camper van/ caravan passes do not gain you entry to the festival a standard ticket will still be required to gain entrance to Symmetry Festival 2016. Purchase your cheap Daytona 500 tickets and enjoy the event.

No tents are permitted to camp in the campervan field.


After you have gained entrance through the pedestrian gates the camping areas will be clearly sign posted and stewards will be on hand to direct you. Although there will be ample space If you are in a big group and want to camp together we strongly suggest you arrive early to claim a spot.


Although here at Symmetry we love our pets, we don’t want any at our festival, so please leave your pets at home with someone. This is with the exception of guide dogs.

Lost property:

Lost property will be located in the control room, please ask a member of staff or steward to direct you if you have lost something.

Smoking Ban:

Due to the smoking ban, no smoking is allowed in any enclosed spaces, this includes large big top tents, marquees and bars.


We will have drinking water available at different points around the site including the campsites and main performance area. Our bars will also stock bottled water and you are of course welcome to bring your own as long as it’s in a sealed bottle when you arrive on site.

Things you can’t bring

We would like to keep it enjoyable for all. Here is a list of a few things we don’t want to see at Symmetry.

Drugs and illegal substances

BBQ’S or fires anywhere on site

Glass, no glass is allowed on site and will be confiscated

Spray cans or marker pens

Sound systems

Laser pens

Fireworks, Chinese lanterns or flares

Any kind of weapon


Emergency Access Lanes:

There will be emergency access lanes through the car parks, campsites and performance area, we ask that you please keep these clear! We hope we don’t have any emergencies, but if we do this will allow us to get to them quickly. These lanes will be clearly marked out and anyone who parks or camps on these lanes may have their items removed.

Crime prevention:

We will not tolerate any crime at our festival, if you are seen to be doing something you shouldn’t, you may face ejection from the event.

We recommend that you don’t bring anything valuable with you to the festival, and you keep your cash, phone, camera etc on you at all times or use the lockers provided.

Although we have been lucky enough in the past not to have any reports, thefts have been known to take place in festival campsites and car parks so we recommend you do not leave anything valuable around.

If you see anyone committing any crime such as theft, violence, tagging/graffiti (other than our artists) etc then please contact a member of staff, security or a steward who will deal with the individual or group.

Zero Tolerance Drug Policy:

Symmetry Festival operates a zero tolerance drug policy. Do not bring illegal drugs to the venue. There is a proactive search policy in place and the appropriate action will be taken upon detection. The venue provides a safe environment for a good weekend, poor behaviour will not be tolerated.

Anyone contravening our policies will be ejected.

Drugs and illegal substances:

Illegal substances are not permitted at this festival, all ticket holders, crew and acts will be searched on entry.

We want the event to be safe for all ages so antisocial and illegal behaviour will not be tolerated. If you are found to be acting suspiciously then you may be subject to random searching, by SIA memebers of staff.


This year there will be a dedicated area to help make your Festival experience as pleasurable and stress free as possible, included in this area will be:

  • Convenience store
  • Info center
  • Cash machines
  • Showers
  • First aid
  • Welfare centre


The address for the venue is Sennowe Park, Guist, Norfolk NR20 5NZ

Bus Service:

There are buses from Cambridge, Norwich and London this year. These return tickets include entry to the site for the soft opening on Thursday evening. Check below for more details.

You can purchase cheap Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series tickets and a bus ticket through the normal ticket page here.

Travelling by Car, Van or Motorbike

Please vehicle share where possible to help us reduce our carbon foot print.

If you don’t own a Sat Nav we advise that you use the AA route planner to plan your journey, please find the link below. Please enter your home postcode and the venue postcode from the address found at the top of this page.

Once you arrive in the area there will be clear signage directing you to the right gate.

Please drive responsibly.

AA Route planner


All Coaches depart from Sennowe park on Monday the 13th between 10 am & 11 am for the return journeys.

Care & Safety:

First Aid

We will have a fully trained medical team, first aiders and a treatment facility located on site should any problems or emergencies occur. The staff will be present on site at all times should you require any assistance.

Welfare Tent

The Travellers Rest, festival welfare and treatment centre, will be open 24hrs during the festival. They offer all aspects of care and welfare, as well as counselling, massage, healing and natural medicine.

Emergency access lanes

There will be emergency access lanes through the car parks, campsites and performance area; we ask that you please keep these clear! We hope we don’t have any emergencies, but if we do this will allow us to get to them quickly. These lanes will be clearly marked out and anyone who parks or camps on these lanes may have their items removed.

Lost People

If you discover that someone is missing, please make sure you look in your tent and theirs (this is usually where we find them) if you can still not find them and are worried for their safety, please notify a member of staff who will alert the control room. Following your description, our team will work together to try and locate the missing person as quickly as possible.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is produced when a fuel such as charcoal, gas or petrol burns incompletely. This could be because an appliance isn’t working properly or might simply happen as part of its normal function. Barbecues, for example, produce carbon monoxide even when they are working well.

Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas and is poisonous. In high concentrations it can kill swiftly. In smaller concentrations CO poisoning can give symptoms similar to flu or food poisoning. Look out for headaches, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness and weakness – but the best advice is to avoid any chance of being poisoned in the first place.

  • Never take a barbecue into a tent, awning, caravan or motor home. Even a cooling barbecue gives off plenty of poisonous carbon monoxide (CO), which can kill.
  • Never use a fuel-burning appliance to heat your tent or awning. Gas and kerosene heaters – unless they are permanently fitted in a caravan or motor home – should only be used outside. Stoves and barbecues are designed for cooking not space heating.
  • Never run a gas, petrol or diesel-powered generator inside a caravan, motor home, tent or awning. Make sure fumes from a generator don’t blow into your unit or anyone else’s from outside either.
  • Don’t cook inside your tent or awning
  • Don’t use any other gas, charcoal, liquid or solid fuel appliances inside a tent or awning. Gas-powered fridges and lamps, for example, also need plenty of ventilation to prevent them producing poisonous carbon monoxide. Tents and awnings aren’t generally designed with this in mind.
  • Consider using a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm, provided it is suitable for the condition you intend to use it, check with the supplier/manufacturer, though it should never be used as an alternative to the precautions above.
  • Always have gas appliances in your caravan or motor home serviced regularly.


This is a music festival! We have a well equipped, properly staffed captivating family area that is onsite to keep all ages amused for days, We have plenty to entertain people of all ages across the festival from creative workshops to circus performance and much much more . Many people bring children along from small baby’s to teenagers and have a great time, but please remember adults making the most of a music festival can be intimidating especially later in the evening.

We want you to be aware at Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series we create a safe environment for everyone but we must make you aware the is a music festival.

Family Campsite

Enjoy a our new designated family camping area which is situated a short walk from the performance area. This gives you access to the family camping toilets and water points with a short walk to the showers. There will be Security and Stewards in the area 24 hours a day in contact with the control room so if you have any problems. Families are of cause welcome to camp in public campsite but we think you will enjoy your stay in the family campsite.

Kids area

Our team at Symmetry HQ have been working away to create a little wonderland for the kids to call their own. We will have workshops and games and lots of things to see and do, plus there is a café for you to put your feet up and grab a cuppa.

First Aid

We will have a fully trained medical team on site to deal with and accidents that may happen. They will be present on site at all times ready to help anyway they can.

Lost Children

We hope that no children get separated from their families while at Symmetry, but just in case your child should wonder off we have a few things in place to make it easier to reunite them with you as quickly as possible.

  • We ask that once you’ve got your wristbands and set up camp, that you make your way over to the kids area. Here you will be asked to fill in yours and your child’s details. We will then give your child/ren an extra wristband with their name, your name and a contact number on it for a member of staff to call if your child is found alone/lost.
  • We recommend that you familiarise your child/ren with the kids area and explain to them this is a good place to meet if you think you are lost, and that you will both head in this direction.
  • We also feel it’s a good idea to point out to your child/ren what the security guards and the stewards look like, and that they should not be afraid to ask for help. All staffed will be briefed in case they are approached by a lost child and they will escort your child to the kids area and someone will contact you immediately.


As with all festivals there will be noise levels across the festival site which can be damaging to all our ears but especially children. We advise all children to use ear protection and to stay away from standing directly in front of sound systems, however tempting!

You can buy ear protection from Amazon, definitely the best prices: Amazon:Children’s Ear Defenders

More information can be found at the following link with a good article about children subjected to noise at events
FestivalKidz: Ear defenders for kids!


Campsite Opening Times

All campsites will open Friday, 8am 12th June.

Main Campsite

This is the campsite the majority of people attending
Symmetry will camp in this year. It is situated 5 mins (or less) from the main
performance area. It is a beautiful large grass area with views up to the hall.

Live in vehicles campsite

The live in vehicles campsite is intended for use by those
with live in vehicles. It too is situated very close to the performance area
and has flat grassland. You will need to purchase a camper van pass if you would
like to use this campsite, please book early to avoid disappointment as space
is limited.

Accessibility CampSite

This campsite will made to be used by those who would not be able to camp in the main camp site
because of impaired mobility or visual disabilities.

Luxury Camping Accommodation

Work is under-way to make this campsite a little piece of
festival heaven and will be separate from the main camping area.

More information on luxury camping can be found here.

Cardboard Tents from KarTent

KarTent is darker, quieter, cooler on hot days and warmer on cold ones than your average throw-away tent. Which means you have a far nicer experience and you help to keep the festival tidy, reduce waste and save yourself some time in the process. KarTent, new to the UK make their tents out of recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable, they sleep 2 people and are of course fully waterproof.

Purchase yours here for just £34.99


You may bring the following…

Either: 12 cans beer / lager / cider per person

Or: 1 box of wine.

You may only bring this into Symmetry Festival on first entry into the event,
no re-entry allowed.


Soft drinks may only be brought in if the bottles have their seals intact.

Please feel free to bring as much water as you will need to get you through the weekend although free drinking water will be available at many locations around
the site.


Don’t drink and drive

There are strict alcohol limits for UK drivers Daytona 500, However it is not possible to say how much alcohol you can drink and stay below the limit. The way alcohol affects you depends on:

your weight, age, sex and metabolism (the rate your body uses energy)

the type and amount of alcohol you’re drinking

what you’ve eaten recently

your stress levels at the time

So if you’re driving, it’s better to have none for the road.

Challenge 25

At Symmetry we are enforcing “challenge 25” across our bars. If you would like to purchase alcohol at the festival you will need to bring some ID with you.

Accepted forms of ID:


UK/European Driving Licence

Pass Card ID

Waste & Recycling:

The Greener Festival Bond

The Symmetry Festival crew are introducing our greener festival bond to help keep our new home clean, beautiful and green.

All you need to do is collect 1 rubbish bag per person upon entry, put all your rubbish in the bag and return the FULL bag to our exchange point at some time over the weekend. We will then give you back a well needed £5 cash on site.

The greener festival bond will be included in the price of your ticket.

We thank you all very much for taking part in keeping your festival experience clean and tidy.